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Anu Kapur, Publisher, Lower Manhattan Macaroni Kid

Macaroni KID Lower Manhattan is a free weekly newsletter and website focused on fun family events. We are your best source for finding information on local family events and useful information on classes, family-focused businesses, book and product reviews, recipes, crafts, school and camp guides and much more!

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Macaroni KID Lower Manhattan reaches more than 4,500+ families in Manhattan. We are hyper-local and event-focused, with readers who are interested in finding the best events, classes and schools, and who want to find out what else is out there in our community - places to take their kids to and best places for them to take their families to enjoy. 

Reach out to me, to find out how we can help our community know more about YOU. We can send out a focused email for our readers to understand you better, advertise your business on our website and also cover you on social media. 

We create personalized campaigns for businesses we work with and always try to go the extra mile. 

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