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1750 Bear Pond RoadHartford, ME 04220Phone: (201) 612-5125Email: info@campwekeela.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Camp Wekeela is a premiere summer camp on a bucolic setting in the beautiful state of Maine. Wekeela is located on pristine Little Bear Pond in Hartford, ME. At Wekeela, we strive to be more than just a summer camp. Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting summer camp experience that helps children discover new talents and interests, build their self-esteem and self-confidence and provide an opportunity to establish lifelong friendships. 

We offer leading-edge activity programming that includes water-sports, land sports, creative, performing and culinary arts and out-of-camp excursions. Programs are tailored to meet each child’s needs. We encourage our campers to make choices, take risks and accept new challenges. We offer double periods (110 minutes) of Waterski/Wakeboard on-site. Swim and Tennis Lessons daily. ACA- Accredited. Nut-Free, Gluten-free, Vegetarian and Dairy-free options and so much more. No electronics permitted at Wekeela. Quality face time is encouraged

Find out more on our website or call 201.612.5125 for more information. 

Business Review

"Our son went to Wekeela this past summer after his usual camp closed.  He had an absolutely fantastic time.  We feel that Wekeela saved his--and our--summer and gave him a truly joyful experience during a difficult time.  We're incredibly grateful for the warmth and open-heartedness he found at Wekeela and we can't recommend the place and the staff highly enough.  Consider this a 6-star review....."

"This is my son's first summer at Camp Wekeela. When he left for camp, we expected to bring him home after visiting day. One week before our scheduled visit, he wrote us asking to stay ... so 4 weeks turned into 7! This was music to our ears because it was our first inkling that something was going right! Camp Wekeela is everything you could ever want in a camp. The facilities and waterfront are amazing and Little Bear Pond is so peaceful and beautiful. Most importantly, it is the directors and staff that make Camp Wekeela so special. Ephram and Lori have a genuine passion for camp and are completely engaged with each and every camper. While walking through campus, you can feel a true sense of community with deeply rooted values of gratitude, respect for self and respect for others. The counselors are fantastic! They are kind, caring, and enthusiastic. 

When we were leaving camp on visiting day, my child, who was so excited 5 hours earlier and couldn't stop telling us all of the reasons why he wanted to extend his stay, all of a sudden could not bear to see us leave. He was deeply upset and buried his face into his shirt. The counselors, witnessing my child's sadness, immediately jumped into action by embracing him and reassuring him that he was going to be ok. I highly recommend Camp Wekeela. It is a special and magical place where your child will forge new friendships, have the opportunity to grow, mature and gain independence."

"This was my son’s fourth year at Wekeela and I can’t say enough positive things about the camp and his experiences. Wekeela is that quintessential Maine Camp with the right balance of comfort and camp. Lori, Ephram and the whole Wekeela staff managed to create a little safe bubble of seclusion at Little Bear Pond this year where the kids were able to be kids and escape some of the stress of this trying year. We will always be grateful for this and the growth, happiness and developing friendships our son experiences each year. It takes a village and camp directors who truly care about the kids, community, values and fun. Wekeela is good time for all!"

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