Book Review: Quiet

By Kayla Rochelle February 7, 2024

Recommended for ages: 4-8 years

Spring is here! Officially on March 20th, and boy have we all been waiting for that day to come! 

A family member from Florida once asked me what snow was like. I gave myself a moment to reflect knowing she expected me to say, cold or fun but instead I said the first thing that came to my mind, “It’s silent”. Truly the silence of snow is one of my favorite things about winter. Being outside during a snowstorm is as if the whole world is slowing down for a bit, and the silence of winter is partly what makes the noise of spring my favorite. You wake up hearing the tweeting conversation from the birds, and all the restaurants have opened their windows and doors letting the sounds of conversation carry onto the street. The whole world seems to have a new pep in its step and the feeling is contagious. 

‘Quietby Tomie dePaola is dedicated to the exact opposite of what I love about Spring, and it making me appreciate the season even more. In this book, while enjoying a walk through nature Grandfather encourages his grandchildren to take a few moments to slow down, look around and really experience the changes outside. I love to spend time outside in our neighborhood with my daughter. She loves to collect sticks and leaves and we chat about what we think the squirrels and birds are talking about. Thanks to Tomie dePaola, we’ll be enjoying our upcoming walks at a much slower pace. 

Kayla is a wife, mother and beach-loving book reader. She's a family photographer over at Kayla Rochelle Photography, and organizer of the Facebook group, Little One’s Literary Review. Her love of good books started as a child and only grew with the birth of her own daughters. Kayla's got an undying love of children's books with gorgeous illustrations and moral lessons. 

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