Book Review: Miles is the Boss of his Body

By Kayla Rochelle February 7, 2024

Recommended for ages: 5 - 6 years

Teaching consent is such an important topic to share with our kids. I’ve read lots of articles and heard lots of advice about how best to talk to both my daughter and our family members and frankly I’m not sure if I’m any more prepared for the continual conversations we should be starting now and having for the rest of my daughter’s life. A girlfriend recommended I share this book on my reviews, and as soon as I read it I couldn’t agree more. It’s the perfect book all parents should check out of their library and be ready to read to their littles. In ‘Miles is the boss of his body’  by Samantha Kurtzman-Counter & Abbie Schiller, Miles’ family is celebrating his birthday and showing him their love with lots of hugs, touches, and head pats. It’s finally all just too much for Mile’s and he shouts at them all to stop. When his parents come to check on him he’s prepared to apologize for his outburst, but instead, they congratulate him on sticking up for himself and apologize that they didn’t respect him and his body in the first place. The illustrations have a comic book feel which is a wonderful way to casually introduce a heavy topic. This is a book that can be a part of your continual conversation, introducing the idea young and encouraging respect for our own bodies as kids grow.

Kayla is a wife, mother and beach-loving book reader. She's a family photographer over at Kayla Rochelle Photography, and organizer of the Facebook group, Little One’s Literary Review. Her love of good books started as a child and only grew with the birth of her own daughters. Kayla's got an undying love of children's books with gorgeous illustrations and moral lessons. 

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