Book Review: Goldfish on Vacation

By Kayla Rochelle August 2, 2021

Recommended for ages 4-8 years

Truth be told I checked this out of the library because the cover looked cute, but this book over delivered by being more than just cute illustrations. Based on a true story, 'Goldfish on Vacation' by Sally Lloyd-Jones, is based on a fountain located in Upper Manhattan that has been long overlooked and overgrown. Until one summer, when a good samaritan starts fixing it up, cleaning it and posting signs that the fountain is looking for goldfish who want to go on a summer vacation. As soon as the day comes, the fountain is surrounded by kids and their fish ready to start summer and while the goldfish spend their summer months swimming around together in the newly refurbished fountain, the families who own them come daily to visit their fish and enjoy their summer with new fish owning friends. This book was actually the reason I created the Little One’s Literary Facebook group. After reading it I couldn’t stop talking about it! I mentioned it to every parent I ran into, stopped the children’s librarian to make sure she had read it, and found ways to work it into adult conversations. I loved the message in this book, and I really loved that it’s a true story about neighbors coming together and having fun. What a wonderful book to get us all excited about upcoming summer vacations. May we all come home fatter and happier as those goldfish did!

Kayla is a wife, mother and beach-loving book reader. She's a family photographer over at Kayla Rochelle Photography, and organizer of the Facebook group, Little One’s Literary Review. Her love of good books started as a child and only grew with the birth of her own daughters. Kayla's got an undying love of children's books with gorgeous illustrations and moral lessons. 

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