Philadelphia with Young Children

By Jade Monzo, Owner, Rope Drop Travel November 10, 2023

    Looking for something to do this summer with your young children that is both fun and educational?? Plan a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Besides being filled with many things to do at every turn, it’s an easily walkable city. Put the kids in strollers and enjoy a beautiful day outdoors as the children, and maybe parents, get to learn something new! 

1. Your first stop has to be The National Constitution Center. There are many interactive exhibits and “Signer’s Hall” where children and adults get the opportunity to sign the Constitution. Don’t forget to make time to watch “Freedom Rising.” This inspiring 17-minute theatre production will give your children an easy-to-follow story of how America and the Constitution were born. Admission for adults is $14.50, children 6-18 and children under 6 are free.

2. Throughout the city be sure to look for greenish-yellow circles that have the words “Once Upon a Nation” written on them. Look around for a storyteller dressed in the same color shirt. When you hear a bell, you know a story is about to begin. Your children will be enthralled by these animated stories. You’ll find many of these spots all throughout the city!

3. You could easily spend your whole day at Franklin Square. Featuring tiny versions of Philadelphia’s landmarks, there is an 18-hole miniature golf course. Make sure you try to make a hole-in-one at the last hole, The Liberty Bell. If you do the bell will ring!  Adults will pay $9 and children $7 to play. 

Franklin Square also boasts the Parx Carousel. Priced at $3 a person, your children are bound to want to ride this beautiful carousel over and over. If you visit 10 “Once Upon A Nation” spots and fill the flag given to you at the first stop with 10 stars, you can receive a free ride on the carousel!

There is also a playground and grassy area where you can stop for a picnic or let your children stretch their legs, and get some energy out!

4. With my daughters’ obsession with dollhouses and love of seeing how other homes are set up, they especially loved touring the Betsy Ross House. Families can enjoy a self-guided tour through Betsy Ross’s home. Children will also receive a fun scavenger hunt to help entertain the youngest visitors viewing this amazing piece of American history. At certain times of the year there are special events so make sure to check if they are during your visit!  Adults admission is $5 with children’s being $4.

5. No trip to Philadelphia with little ones would be complete without a trip to the Please Touch Museum. With two floors of interactive fun, where the motto is 'Please touch!' children will be entertained for hours. Enjoy many opportunities to learn and play beside your little one by doing arts and crafts, enjoying literacy fun, and diving into STEM projects and performing arts. Don't forget to enjoy the 100-year-old carousel that will wow your children with its beauty!

Jade Monzo is the owner of Rope Drop Travel, a full-service travel agency specializing in Disney destinations. She lives with her husband and seven little ones ages 10 and under. She enjoys helping with her children’s school PTO’s and all things Disney.

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