Your Summer Staycation

By Jade Monzo, Owner, Rope Drop Travel June 3, 2024

“Staycations,” a vacation where instead of traveling to a distant location you spend time at home with your family enjoying your house and neighboring cities, has grown in popularity over the last few years.  

Perhaps your children are very young, or you’ve just had a new baby so traveling far is not feasible this summer. No reason you can’t have just as much fun by planning a week of activities while staying home!!

Firstly, think about what a vacation really means to you. If as a Mom, it means no cooking or cleaning… don't cook or clean! Plan a week’s worth of dining out or delivery meals. Save all cleaning and laundry until you’re back from your “vacation.” 

Let people know you’re on a staycation and you’ll be off limits for the week. Enjoy time away from your phone and internet. Make a conscious effort to be in the moment as much as possible by not letting work or household chores creep in. That phone should only come out for fun pictures!

Here are some great ways to truly get the most out of your next Staycation!

1. Create a backyard living room! Work on making an enjoyable, comfortable outdoor living space where you and your children will want to spend time. Consider investing in some new furniture or outdoor carpeting to improve the look of your backyard, a fire pit to enjoy those late-night smores with your kids, or maybe let your little ones have a say in what they’d like, a new slide perhaps?!

2. If you’re a “foodie” check out a restaurant you’ve never been to that you’ve been dying to go to. Or try recreating a travel dining experience you’ve had in the past. Had the most delicious meal of your life in Italy. Get the family in the kitchen and make it your own!

3. Spend some time being a tourist in your own town and surrounding areas. Change it up a little by renting a different car, maybe a fun convertible and visit local museums and tourist attractions. Immerse yourself in all that your hometown has to offer!

4. Step out of your comfort zone and make your staycation about learning a new skill or honing one you already have. Try a local rock climbing center, take that yoga class you’ve been dying to try.  But make sure to keep your itinerary simple.  Organize just a half days’ worth of activities and then you can relax the second half after trying this new feat!

5. Try doing a one-on-one parent/kid staycation! It doesn’t have to be a grandiose day, just quality one one-on-one time spent together.  Pack a picnic, go to the beach, make those memories!

So, get planning that Staycation and get ready for a relaxing week you’ll never forget!

Jade Monzo is the owner of Rope Drop Travel, a full-service travel agency specializing in Disney destinations. She lives with her husband and six little ones ages 8 and under. She enjoys helping with her children’s school PTO’s and all things Disney.

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