Book Review: All Are Welcome

By Kayla Rochelle January 27, 2021

Recommended for ages 4-8 years

The school season has arrived! While we prepare by stocking up on markers, glue sticks and tissue boxes let’s not forget another important thing we need to prepare, our kids minds! A new school year feels like the dawn of a new beginning. A routine will be put in place, new friends are about to be made and kids will start spending more time away from home. The book, ‘All are Welcome’ by Alexandra Penfold, is perfect for introducing the idea that school does come with lots of changes but is also the introduction of another safe space for our kids. At school, they’ll be surrounded by friends and will be able to learn things they weren’t big enough to understand last year. Change can feel big and scary, but this book provides the perfect opportunity its to remind children that school will also be fun. 

Kayla is a wife, mother and beach-loving book reader. She's a family photographer over at Kayla Rochelle Photography, and organizer of the Facebook group, Little One’s Literary Review. Her love of good books started as a child and only grew with the birth of her own daughters. Kayla's got an undying love of children's books with gorgeous illustrations and moral lessons. 

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