Book Review: Red & Lulu

By Kayla Rochelle February 7, 2024

Recommended for Ages 3 - 7 years old

Between the illustrations, the classic tale of separated friends, and the added touch of the holiday season in New York City, the book Red & Lulu has all of the things a classic holiday book is made of. In this sweet story, Red & Lulu have a home they love on a very grand pine tree. One day, Red returns home to find their tree and Lulu have been loaded on a truck and have begun a journey to Rockefeller Center. Red follows the truck right into the big city where he begins his search for his very best friend. I enjoy reading books that provide a different story that ends in an age-old lesson. In the case of this book, it ends with everyone’s favorite moral, home is where the heart is!

Kayla is a wife, mother and beach-loving book reader. She's a family photographer over at Kayla Rochelle Photography, and organizer of the Facebook group, Little One’s Literary Review. Her love of good books started as a child and only grew with the birth of her own daughters. Kayla's got an undying love of children's books with gorgeous illustrations and moral lessons. 

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