Sloomoo: Fine Prime Time Slime

By Ingrid Wilkes March 23, 2023

In the world of slime, there is a new destination that has popped up in SoHo. The co-founders Karen and Sara of the Sloomoo Institute have assembled an excellent way to experience the joys of slime in fun and diverse new ways.

Imagine a playground filled with pedestals and vats of slime: blue slime and purple slime, yellow slime and green slime. Many colors of slime. But it’s not just about the slime. Oh no. There is also an artistic and musical element that has been integrated with several of the installations and experiences. And it’s not just one or two collaborations that were tapped to make this multi-sensorial, multi-station museum of interactive slime. The result is what I think definitely deserves to be called “Fine Prime Time Slime.”

You and your kids can find the Sloomoo (built from the word “slime” where you replace the vowels with “oo” to get your slime name so the name Ingrid becomes “Ingrood”) at 475 Broadway between Broome and Grand Streets. 

The operators were kind enough to provide complimentary admission so that my kids and I could check out the institute. My review here, however, is not sponsored by the producers and should not be considered advertising. I write these reviews to help fellow mommas research and select activities from the myriad offerings our lovely city presents.

So let’s start with the basics: what is slime? Originally manufactured by Mattel and sold in a green plastic trash can in 1976, slime (or toy slime) was comprised of mainly guar gum and is a squishy and viscous ooze. But a few years ago a DIY (Do It Yourself) slime trend started to emerge on social media. Elmer’s glue, water and some borax. The New York Times did a profile on Karina Garcia, referred to as the “slime queen” in June of 2017 with almost six million subscribers. Checking tonight, I see that she has over nine million subscribers and stories on her marvel at how the one-time waitress is now earning millions in sponsorships and advertising revenue on her YouTube channel.

So what can you expect from your visit? Well, besides the excitement that comes from the anticipation that you’ll be going to the slime mecca, you will find a neon slime cave, a slime lake, a “slime bar” where you can design your own slime (including a very large assortment of scents to choose from) and several experiences which are best left as surprises for your visit.

So don some comfy clothes, check your bags and coat at the door, and spend an hour (or more) exploring the magic of slime. The glue molecules stick to each other instead of you because of the borax, which was first discovered in Tibet in the 8th century AD. Borax is also used on contact lens solutions which goes in your eyes, but you are still advised to avoid ingesting slime, even the hypoallergenic kind.

Sponsors and collaborators on the Sloomoo Institute’s pop-up (heading to California next):

  • DSTLD – staff jumpsuits styled by this chic brand
  • Demeter Fragrance Library – family-owned and operated fragrance house
  • Electric – luxury eyewear, apparel and accessories (Sloomoo Falls googles)
  • Elmer’s – tons of glue are needed to make the slime
  • FloraCraft – foam-based products used to infuse two kinds of slime: snow and snow fizz
  • Nendo Soft Clay – Japanese clay brand used in the “butter slime” variant
  • SnoWonder – instant fake snow used in “cloud slime” and “jelly slime” variants
  • Victory Pellets – the main ingredient in the “slushee slimes”
  • Flavor Paper – Brooklyn-based, custom-designed wallpaper at the pop-up

And there is also a wellness angle. The Sloomoo Institute is donating $1.50 from each ticket towards three mental health charities: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Sad Girls Club and Love is Louder. The creators believe (and there is a large social media contingent that supports the idea) that as you play with slime, it’s almost impossible to hang on to the stress in your life and the world. There are healing properties in the tactile manipulation of the slime, and there are several types of slime ready and waiting to help you drop some anxiety at the door and enjoy the playful space of joy and laughter.

Opening hours are:

Sunday -Thursday: 10am - 8pm (last ticket time is 7pm)

Friday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm (last ticket time is 8pm)

  • Sloomoo Institute Ticket: $38 adults and children (designed for ages 5 and above) which includes a container of 8 oz. DIY slime created by you at the slime bar
  • Sloomoo Falls Enhanced Experience: $68 includes the Sloomoo Falls where slime rains down on you after donning a custom poncho and goggles
  • Group and Party Discounts: Groups (20+) and schools receive a discounted admission after contacting

Ingrid Wilkes is a mother of two children aged 11 and 7 who has worked in the sports and fitness industry since 1990. She has lived and worked in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US and enjoys trying new trends and exploring healthy alternatives to mainstream eating habits. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a master’s degree in sports management and has taught spinning for several years as a way to balance her interest in marketing and communications.

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