Organizing Kids’ Toys

By Laura Sandberg, Founder, Let Laura January 21, 2024

Toys can be great. Organizing them is another story. Using Let Laura's WHOLE•istic approach to organizing, you can create functional, intuitive solutions that transform your cluttered chaos into a play space you enjoy looking at and that your kids can easily help clean up themselves!

Like many New Yorkers, combining the toy collection with other spaces is a challenge. The goal is to be able to know what you have, easily find your kid's toys, and have it look good!

Here is your step-by-step guide to optimizing your space and organizing your toys! 

1. Sort & Categorize: Gather all toys in one place. Being able to see everything in totality will make it easier to go through and declutter while also being able to understand the different types and quantities of items you have.  

2. Donate, Trash & Recycle: Toss or recycle any incomplete or broken toys. Only donate toys in good condition and complete sets. The general rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want it (i.e. a costume with a missing part or a puzzle without all the pieces) then somebody else doesn’t either. You can drop textile items at a store like H&M that sends them straight to textile recycling facilities. During COVID-19 it has been challenging to find a place to accept toy donations. Currently, we know Room To Grow is accepting them. 

PRO TIP: Do the first round of edits sans kids and for the toys, you get stuck on, involve your little one in the decision-making process. Let them decide which items they would like to keep and which they would like to donate to another child who may not have toys as they do. Creating the opportunity for your child to give to others instills a sense of responsibility to take care of what they have.

3. Measure your space, utilizing the backs of doors, vertical and floor space. 

4. Source product solutions (and maximize ALL of your storage space, every inch matters)! Make sure the solutions you order are large enough to accommodate the number of toys in each category and leave room to grow because you will inevitably accumulate new toys. Creating this space will keep your toy collection functional and maintainable. Some of our favorites include:





We also wanted to include suggestions for keeping your costumes and dress-up category organized. Depending on your space and what is easiest for you to maintain try one of these:

FLOOR BIN (or something similar)


HANGERS (if you are lucky enough to have a dedicated toy closet)

Create PICTURE LABELS for little kids. Don’t forget to add print labels for the grown-ups! 

5. Maintenance: When the bin gets full, it is time to go through and declutter again! 

Download Laura’s all-time favorite organizing products and quick organizing tips to create the space you crave HERE. For more inspiration, follow her on Instagram.  

PRO TIP: Your child accumulates a lot of little things throughout their day – figurines and costume jewelry from a birthday party, or even the dentist. To keep these to a minimum, try to scan the items before they come into your home. Let your kids have the items that have existing categories and toss or donate the rest! Remember, this is your house and you are in control of creating a space you crave!

Enjoy the decluttered and organized space you have created, or had us help you create! Once you have a system in place, it will be so much easier and less stressful to manage all the toys in your home! 

Let Laura’s mission is to help create purposeful places for the important things in your life, opening up space and time to focus on living the life you love. Their clients want to make their lifestyle and physical spaces more efficient, less chaotic and overall better. The Company shares your desire to keep things practical and pretty. Their systems will help you create a life that is simple, stylish and sustainable. 
Laura has been called fun, detailed, creative, genuine and optimistic. She has always believed the more positive your outlook, the more positive your outcome. When she is not solving space challenges or alleviating the stress of the moving process for clients, you can find her hanging out with her husband and daughter, traveling the world (she has been to forty-two countries and counting!), playing at the water’s edge or cooking up something delicious at home. 

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