Top 5 Haunted Attractions in Philadelphia

By Jade Monzo, Owner, Rope Drop Travel November 10, 2023

    Looking for something fun, and spooky to do with the family this weekend? Consider heading to Philadelphia to visit some notorious hotspots for ghost activity! Check out this list for your top five haunted attractions in Philadelphia.

1. Betsy Ross House

This iconic house has been known for ghost sightings and the famous show, Ghost Hunters, even stopped by to film an episode! Known for being the home of Betsy Ross, who was the seamstress to made the first American flag, Ross’ ghost has been seen crying in the basement by many. One, supposedly, more sinister type of spirit has been felt as well, scaring a staff member so terribly that they climbed out of a window onto a flagpole!

2. Independence Hall

Known as the famous destination for Benjamin Franklin's ghost sightings in Philadelphia, this building is rich with history. He’s been spotted numerous times examining the Declaration of Independence in the room in which it was originally signed. Besides just the ghost apparition some have even noticed a musty smell!

3. Washington Square 

Before the square became a place for seasonal festivals and picnics, Washington Square was actually a graveyard. In fact, the reason Washington Square came to fruition was an effort to prevent the continuation of body snatching! 

Originally a place where thousands were buried, you may think you have to be worried about the ghosts of the buried giving you a fright but that’s not the case! The ghost who supposedly inhabits the area is Leah, a Quaker woman, who is devoted, even in death to keep the grounds safe from body snatchers.

In the late 1700s, doctors would steal bodies from this graveyard for their experiments and educational lectures. While she was alive, Leah would guard the graveyard at night scaring off any would-be body thieves. 

4. American Philosophical Society Library 

This library was founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin and once revered as the “go-to” place for the top minds of our country, with members including Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison just to name a few. The first ghost sighting here took place in 1844 when a cleaning lady claimed to have seen a ghost in the main library of the building. Since then many have also claimed to see him lounging with a good book on the society’s steps. But probably the spookiest vision to be seen here are the many sightings of Franklin’s statue in the front of the building coming to life and walking around the city.

5. City Tavern 

Once known as party central for our Founding Fathers, many spent their evening eating and dancing the evenings away. Today, it still serves authentic 18th-century cuisine. Couple that with the ghost apparitions that have been sighted and you may feel as if you’re living through the founding years of our country again!

Jade Monzo is the owner of Rope Drop Travel, a full-service travel agency specializing in Disney destinations. She lives with her husband and seven little ones ages ten and under. She enjoys helping with her children’s school PTO’s and all things Disney.

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