The Butterfly Effect

By Sweta Shah Sakhpara, Founder, PranaWorks December 21, 2021

No.. not another philosophically bankrupt article about how a caterpillar goes through a dark period before emerging into this beautiful butterfly, nope.. not where I am going with it. Relax!

By definition, the Butterfly Effect is when a localized change by you within a complex system results in a large effect elsewhere.

As we enter the final weeks of the year, some of us will begin making resolutions that a few of us will follow only until Jan 5thish, while the remainder will try to stick to their resolutions as long as they can. 

Now, imagine you are talking to a friend or a relative that you have made a resolution - whatever it may be - this could trigger a spurt of introspection inside them. They too might think about what they can resolve to commit to, in the coming year. Then, they’ll talk with others in their immediate circle and the Butterfly Effect is set in motion. 

This effect, fortunately, seems to apply to any and everything we commit to do or change about anything.

Simpler examples, smiling at everyone (will make them smile too); being kinder to yourself (will make you be kind to others too), and so on.

Within a home, it may be much easier to experiment with the Butterfly Effect. For example, take five mins each day to clean any one area of your house, clearly informing the other residents of your intentions, and it might eventually become a habit of all those that live there.   

Imagine, how impactful it would be if we could start a whole movement by just changing a tiny bit about ourselves, our surroundings! 

What this means though, is that the Butterfly Effect will work just as well, in not so thoughtful, mindful, happy localized ways too! 

What you choose to manifest for yourself or your immediate circle is entirely upto you. 

Of course, as always, everything needs time. So be patient.

Happy Holidays and Best wishes for a Happy New Year! ✨

Sweta Shah Sakhpara is a pranic energy therapist and a pranic psychotherapist. She also teaches mindfulness and meditation to kids, adults and families. When she is not doing any of the above, she actively practices being a mindful parent to two kids. 

Having learned and practiced pranic healing for ~fifteen years, Sweta has been blessed with the trust of many clients for ailments as simple as a headache to complex ones like Tourette’s syndrome,  from depression and anxiety to finding ways to embrace the idea of a new normal with a child being diagnosed on the spectrum. You could read more about her HERE.

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