Book Review: Interstellar Cinderella

By Deborah Underwood

By Amanda, Creator, Enchanted Literacy March 1, 2022

Recommended Ages 3 - 7 years

In a galaxy far far away we stumble upon a tale revisited, revised and revolutionized. Interstellar Cinderella takes on the classic account of an orphaned girl living with her unkind step-family. She is a skilled mechanic and dreams of fixing rockets. When the prince finds himself in trouble with a stranded ship, fate (and her fairy godrobot) gives Cinderella a chance to shine. 

This story is an empowering twist that encourages the readers to value themselves and have a little wisdom when it comes to love and life. The rhyming text and imaginative illustrations bring adults and children alike to read the story over several times. 

For older kids, I recommend pairing this book with other versions of Cinderella. Compare the differences you see and create your own version of Cinderella. You can start by finding copies of; Prince Cinders by Babette Cole, Seriously, Cinderella is SO Annoying! By Trisha Shaskan, The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin, The Golden Sandal by Rebecca Hickox, Domitila by Jewell Coburn at your local library. For younger kids, look for rocket crafts and science projects to inspire a deeper look into space. It’s also the perfect excuse to take a trip to space at the Rose Center for Earth and Space

Amanda is a preschool teacher, mother and avid Central Park picnicker. She values community and is an advocate for families in the foster care system. One day she hopes to publish a children's book of her own. In the meantime, you can follow her Instagram, Enchanted Literacy, which encourages imagination and passion for reading.