Book Review: Fiona’s Luck

By Teresa Bateman; Illustrated By Kelly Murphy

By Amanda Elshahawi, Creator, Enchanted Literacy March 14, 2022

Age Recommendation 5 - 8 years old

With St. Patrick’s Day here our children often begin to think of leprechauns, rainbows and a little pot of gold. For one of my favorite celebrations, I often find myself disappointed in the children's book selection. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the book, Fiona’s Luck. We find a new look at leprechauns and a character with depth and wit in this charming book. 

The story goes that Ireland was once filled with free luck which supplied an abundance in the land. Leprechauns made the luck, “like cows made milk.” As more people entered Ireland the luck began to stick to them and the leprechaun feared they would use it all. One day the leprechaun king captured all the luck and placed it under lock and key, leaving the people and the land to slowly drain into a time of misfortune. 

Fiona begins to hatch a plan to help the land. Thinking that it was the leprechauns that made and took the luck she assumed she would need the leprechauns to bring it back. She used her own cleverness to draw out the leprechauns and find the king. Once captured by the king, Fiona enters a series of tests with the prize being exactly one wish equal to the amount of luck she has, which the king presumes to be nothing. In the end, it's Fiona’s smarts that restores the land and outsmarts the leprechaun king. As she says herself “Lucks all well and good but myself I’d rather depend on my wits.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this tall tale of Fiona, especially the leading lady who has the strength and courage to change the world around her. The illustrations bring a great depth to the story both feeling enchanting and mimicking a period piece.  A fun heroine for readers to admire. It is a little wordy for 2-4 year-olds, so I would recommend it for elementary-age kids. This story also opens an avenue for the reader to do further thinking about their own cleverness and handmade luck. 

Pair this book with all your favorite St. Patrick's day activities. We enjoy making green Rice Krispy treats, fruit pizza, and all things rainbow!

Amanda is a preschool teacher, mother and avid Central Park picnicker. She values community and is an advocate for families in the foster care system. One day she hopes to publish a children's book of her own. In the meantime, you can follow her Instagram, Enchanted Literacy, which encourages imagination and passion for reading.