Mini Ninjas: Building Confidence and Coordination in Kids Ages 3-5

Introduce Your Toddler to the Excitement of Ninja Warrior

March 25, 2024

New York City Ninja Academy trains the sport of ninja warrior to kids of all ages and levels. Kids, teens, and even adults benefit from a sophisticated progressive obstacle course training program.

Now, younger kids are welcome to learn ninja skills on their level! Kids ages 3-5 are safely trained on their favorite ninja warrior obstacles with the fun coaching staff. Kids will learn the basics of standard ninja obstacles – angled steps, ring swing, balance and agility, mini trampoline jump, and of course, the iconic Warped Wall!

WEDNESDAYS 2:45 - 3:30 PM

Start your kid’s athletic journey with the fundamentals of the sport of ninja. Ninja develops strength, balance, core stability, and sensory awareness, and provides valuable tools for future athletic success.

All ninja obstacles are appropriately tailored for ages and skill levels. Mini-ninjas have the gym all to themselves in small, weekly drop in classes.

Once they reach the age of 6, kids enroll in a 10-week semester-based curriculum program, which focuses on a higher level of achievement, and challenging obstacles like those on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, with the ultimate goal of joining New York City Ninja's competitive ninja team and competing in the World Ninja League.