The Learning Experience Battery Park

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Summertime means fun at The Learning Experience

TLE is committed to delivering daycare, enrichment and early childhood education all summer long through our fun and engaging “Summer of Imagination”. It’s the perfect place for your child to have a blast—and to learn—through a variety of weekly themed programs and hands-on activities.

A Summer built around discovery and imagination

At TLE our Summer of Imagination program allows children’s imaginations to soar to new heights as they enjoy fun, hands-on activities that will keep your little one engaged throughout the summer months.

Whether it’s going on an imaginary camping adventure, building sandcastles on the beach, or sliding down a colorful rainbow, our summer program provides numerous hands-on activities that foster creative thinking, cognitive growth, self-confidence, and so much more.

Ongoing friendships and socialization

Camp TLE presents the perfect recipe for laughter, smiles and cherished moments all summer long. By socializing with other children, our little ones learn a range of social and emotional skills such as problem-solving, sharing, and how to bond with other children. That’s why we’ve structured our program to encourage social and emotional development all summer long in an environment where children feel happy and safe.

Non-stop fun and entertainment

We offer exciting weekly entertainment, virtual field trips and plenty of outdoor opportunities for your little adventurer to stay active and engaged. Our outdoor activities are not only designed to bring a smile to children’s faces, but also develop their gross motor skills and promote teamwork and collaboration.

Your little one will love splashing around during our weekly water play days or participating in a relay race (or two) on our age-appropriate playgrounds. One thing’s for sure – there is never a dull moment during TLE’s Summer of Imagination.

Our commitment to health and safety

The health and safety of our children continues to be our top priorities, which is why we have strict health and safety policies in place to protect all the members of our TLE Family. Our policies meet or exceed CDC guidelines, and are continually updated to ensure we are taking every step possible to keep your child safe while they spend their day with us.

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Business Review

"This is an awesome school. From administration to the teachers, we are very impressed with the organization, authenticity, and care each member of this center brings to their day to day role, and to each child's life.

When you walk in, you are greeted warmly and politely and are helped immediately! Safety is of utmost importance at this facility so families should always feel safe and that their children are in good hands."

"We love TLE!  My daughter started there at 4 months and has had a great experience!  Both the directors and the teachers are very organized, warm, and thorough.  We are welcomed every morning with big smiles and warm greetings.  

My daughter's teachers are very experienced, approachable and organized.  We get daily updates on my daughter both in-person and on their app.  We look forward to pictures on the app!  In just a couple of months my daughter has developed many new skills, which can be credited to TLE.  We feel that our daughter is in good hands at TLE, and that her teachers are deeply invested in her health and development.  My daughter always has been smiles at drop-off and pick-up.

Couldn't be happier at the nurturing environment this school provides!"

"My daughter attended TLE for pre-K and is currently enrolled in their summer camp. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the school and its administration.

My husband and I had done our due diligence in touring all of the UPK schools in the Battery Park area so that we could best rank our options. Our daughter attended a (costly private) pre-school part-time for two years prior to pre-K, and while that experience started out well enough, by the end we had a bad taste left in our mouths. In part because of this, we wanted to be sure we found the best possible placement for our daughter for her UPK year.

While TLE wasn't the most conveniently located UPK center in relation to our apartment (which turned out to be no big deal at all), the tour experience was by far the best. From the moment we scheduled our initial visit, Jessica, the school's Managing Director, was warm, informative, and inviting. One of the only schools to invite us for a tour with our daughter in attendance, we were able to get a comprehensive view of the school and its curriculum and get her excited for pre-K. My daughter instantly found herself at peace there, even assimilating herself into a classroom's reading circle as we checked out the rest of the school. By the tour's end, we felt really good about the educational curriculum, teachers, and administration. While the school isn't exactly filled with natural sunlight beaming in from large open windows, it was a really happy place, and just seemed like the kind of setting that I'd imagine a pre-school should be.

When we received our placement letter and learned that our daughter would be going to TLE, we were thrilled. Just prior to the school year's start, we had a lovely classroom orientation so that we could meet other families and classmates, as well the teachers. My daughter's teachers throughout the year were nothing short of spectacular. They were so incredibly attentive, dedicated, and communicative, I was continually amazed by how much they cared about my child's experience and development. Throughout the year, the school hosted holiday and seasonal parties with which we as parents were invited to participate in. There were regular opportunities to chaperone field trips, and take on as much or as little involvement in classroom activities as we liked. About once a month, there was a classroom culminating event, where the kids presented what they had been working on in recent weeks. Each morning and afternoon I'd gone in to drop-off/pick-up my child, I was always met with a smile and friendly conversation by anyone and everyone that worked at TLE. It is truly such a happy place, made up entirely of people who care wholeheartedly about the children and their families. My only regret is that I didn't know about TLE earlier on and send my daughter there for pre-school/daycare when she was younger. It was too hard to say goodbye after the UPK graduation, so I was thrilled that TLE offers a summer camp (that my daughter loves), prior to the time we move up to Kindergarten.

There is also a lot to be said for the convenience and safety at TLE. After school options and even holiday camps are available, which has been a game-changer for my work-life balance. TLE offers a ton of flexibility, and they have earned 110% of my confidence in their ability to safely and enthusiastically care for and teach my child. I also really like that they have a Reminder app that keeps me updated on need to know information, and the TLE Parent app shares photos of my daughter enjoying various activities throughout the day. After school programs like yoga and soccer are available, adding to daily enrichment. My daughter has taken away so much from just one year with TLE, I honestly could not have asked for more. I would not hesitate to send my child here-- they almost make me want to make more babies just to have reason to go back! Quite honestly, whatever your child's needs are, TLE is not only adept to handle them, they do so with utmost professionalism and compassion. They have given my child the tools she needs to move up to grade school, and it has warmed my heart to watch her grow and love this experience. You will not find better than The Learning Experience Battery Park!!"

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