LuminoCity Festival at Randalls Island

Sunday November 22, 2020 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Randalls Island20 Randalls Island ParkNew York NY 10035
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Notes regarding time

gates open at 4 PM and close at 9:30 PM


✨Light the Night! LuminoCity Festival Returning to NYC this 2020 Holiday Season. Join Lumi on an unforgettable adventure through the lights! 

The winter air was in full swing as Lumi wandered paths, with no clear destination in mind. Lumi wondered what his next adventure would be. Would it bring him closer to figuring out his past? Wrapped up in his thoughts, Lumi didn’t realize he had entered what looked like a forest. Suddenly, a voice from within seemed to awaken. Lumi had never heard it before, yet it felt so familiar. It urged him to go farther into the trees. Lumi didn’t know what mysteries awaited him in the forest, but he was excited to find out!


Fun for the whole family!


Admission: Under 3 FREE, Ages 3-12 $17, Ages 13+ $25-$55


More Info

Use code LUMIEB15 for 15% OFF TICKETS NOW! 

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