Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

December 8, 2021

With the cool weather setting in and pumpkin spice being available everywhere, our thoughts naturally turn toward the holidays, and our kid’s thoughts turn toward presents! It is never too early to start planning ahead for the holiday gift-giving season. In fact, with the rise of media attention on buying the perfect gift and everyone vying for the “it” present it is better to start checking things off your list early.

What better way than to start thinking about your kids and what they might like this year. Popular kids’ toys can sell out in minutes if they have the right buzz around them so having a list of alternates or an additional few items in mind, just in case, is always a good idea.

Start with the basics, what does your child enjoy? Are they an active child or more reserved? Are they a reader, an artist, a musician? Do they orient toward sports, dinosaurs, horses, trains or technology? Are they in a color phase that will cause a meltdown if they don’t get "the green" one? All important questions to cover before you make your purchases. 

Once you have an idea of what you think they might like, it is time to think about what you want them to have. No matter what you purchase for your child, the best gift you can give them is time with you. Whether is it playing with a new toy, reading a book together, or learning a new skill, every moment you dedicate to your children is a gift; albeit one you may not always get a thank you for!  

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